Lifetime Warranty

Top Performing Motorcycle Brakes- Warranty

FTF LLC, A Subsidiary of REL, Inc. offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Metal Matrix Composite friction ring (braking surface) against manufacturing defects and rotor wear. When used with certified recommended brake pads and installation (see Use and Safety) FTF, LLC will replace under our Lifetime Warranty Brakes, rotors that do not meet customer’s satisfaction under normal brake usage.

Limits of Warranty:

FTF, LLC warrants that the Matrix Rotor will be free of manufacturing defects. Repair or replacement of product by FTF, LLC are the sole and exclusive remedies, and are available for the original purchaser only. Proof of ownership shall be evidenced by invoice or bill of sale in the name of the original purchaser. All warranties, explicit or implied are void if the rotor has been, Inter Alia, modified in any way, used for racing, used under extreme environmental conditions, if the disc is at any point worn below the minimum thickness, if recommended installation procedures were not followed, if unauthorized or incompatible repairs have been made or attempted, if used in combination with over-sized, incompatibly sized or incompatibly weighed vehicles, or if unapproved brake pads were used.

Because of the grave and unavoidable dangers involved in racing, FTF, LLC makes no warranty, express or implied of any product suitability for use. FTF, LLC makes no warranty whatsoever regarding its product’s safety or application. Further, FTF, LLC disclaims any liability in tort for damages, direct or consequential including personal injuries resulting from a malfunction or from a defect in design, material, workmanship, or manufacture whether caused by negligence on the part of FTF, LLC or otherwise by using FTF, LLC components, or allowing them to be used by others. The buyer and user waive any liability of FTF, LLC for personal injuries or other damages arising from such use. The above shall apply to all products FTF, LLC whether or not designed, manufactured, imported, warehoused, distributed, or sold by FTF, LLC.

Implied warranties, including fitness for a particular purpose, application, or merchantability, are limited to rotors being used on the public roads and to its service life (see minimum thickness as defined under Use and Safety). FTF, LLC shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. There are no express (or implied) warranties that extend beyond those set forth in this document. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or a limitation of implied warranties or exclusions. Rights may vary from state to state.

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