Harley-Davidson Aftermarket Parts
Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Designed Specifically for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Brake Rotors & Pads

Matrix Brakes are built on metal matrix composite technology that offers features and benefits geared towards both the customization and performance options bike owners demand. Our Harley-Davidson aftermarket parts include high performance custom rotors and brake pads. Our products are:

- Built to high standards and quality.
- Tested to meet OEM and DOT standards.
- 60% lighter than the competition.
- Guaranteed for Life!

Matrix Brakes 3 piece fully floating motorcycle rotors are innovative and available for aftermarket parts applications factory direct to consumers and dealers.

Harley-Davidson Brake Rotors

As an aftermarket motorcycle manufacturer and supplier of rotors and brake pads, our central focus deals with a core competency to develop superior technology. This positions us to provide you with the best braking technology on the market today. Our case studies showcase that Matrix Brakes not only passes DOT compliance testing, but are smashing DOT standards across the board. Our innovative technology is tested and trusted by our performance partners who happen to be two of American's most trusted institutions.

If you want great looks in addition to performance, Matrix Brakes has you covered. With our fully floating 3 piece rotor, you select the styles and colors to customize the rotor of your choice to fit your unique bike. Choose the carrier style, carrier color, outer disk finish, and button color. As you can imagine, a great deal of combinations are available to set you apart from the pack. Check out a sample of options available to see what you can assemble to fit your bike.

Harley Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts - The Future of Braking

Proven technology and rotors that look sharp. Matrix rotors deliver smooth riding and handling. We have eliminated warpage, squeaks and squeals, brake fade and heaviness. This is a high performance rotor backed by a lifetime warranty.

Contact Matrix today for more information on Harley-Davidson aftermarket brakes and rotors or call us at 1-906-337-3018.