Frequently Asked Questions
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What testing have the Matrix Brakes had?
Matrix Brakes have passed both D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) testing.

How can I become a dealer?
Please contact us to discuss dealer arrangements.

Can stock pads be used with Matrix Brakes?
No, the Matrix Brakes Rotor comprised of a friction ring, carrier, and buttons require the manufacturer FTF, LLC (A Subsidiary of REL Inc.) approved Matrix Brakes Pads available on this website.

What about calipers requirements?
If your bike is equipped with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) caliper we will match the brake pad required during the order process. If you are currently using an aftermarket caliper application than additional information will be requested during the order process. Matrix Brakes customer support is also available to assist with any questions.

Will the Matrix Brakes Rotor Warp?
No, Matrix Brakes uses Functional Reinforced Gradient (FRG) technology which manages temperature variation in the rotor during a braking event thereby reducing residual stress in the rotor. Residual stresses are the stresses that cause warping and cracking in traditional brake rotors.

Are composite rotors more prone to cracking than steel or cast iron rotors?
No, the thermal shock resistance of our aluminum composite rotors is greater than those of steel and cast iron. Thermal Shock Resistance of our aluminum metal matrix composite us 44,000 (W/m) and that of cast iron is 6,800 (W/m).

How much longer are Matrix Brakes rotors expected to last versus steel rotors?
There is a lifetime warranty on our rotors so you have the peace of mind they will last as long as you have your bike.

Will your rotors fit my bike?
They will if you’re driving a Harley-Davidson from 1984 to today, or an Indian Motorcycle from 2000 to today.

Where are Matrix Brakes made?
Matrix Brakes were developed and are manufactured in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Calumet, Michigan, U.S.A

How long has Matrix Brakes Rotors and Brake Pads been on the market?
Matrix Brakes rotors and pads were developed and brought to market in 2007 by REL, Inc.