Motorcycle Brake Discs

Lightweight Motorcycle Brakes

Nothing feels as good as the wind on an open highway and nothing feels worse than a motorcycle disc brake failure. Responsive handling and reliable motorcycle brakes add safety as well as enjoyment to your daily ride. The high performance brake pads and rotors from Matrix Brakes are designed for high-speed performance and durable reliability. Using the same technology as the aerospace industry, Matrix motorcycle disc brakes provide incredible stopping power, lightweight heat dispersal, and phenomenal handling.

High Tech Motorcycle Disc Brakes

Whether you ride Harley, Indian or some other brand, you need to be able to rely on your braking system. Brake fade and heat buildup are all shortcomings that have been overcome in our motorcycle disc brakes, crafted from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum. Being made of aluminum, our rotors never rust and they produce less brake dust, a common cause of brake pad deterioration and failure. For a quieter performance you can count on, our motorcycle brake pads provide ten times the noise dampening of cast iron or steel. They cool five times faster than steel rotors at temperatures as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Matrix motorcycle pads are guaranteed against warping for life, making them the best investment for your bike.

Lightweight Motorcycle Brakes

Weight is a big factor in motorcycle performance, both on and off road. The Matrix Brakes fully-floating rotor is a whopping 60% lighter than your stock 11-1/2" rotor, taking the factory weight of almost 5 pounds down to less than 2 pounds. Racing, cruising, or avoiding danger all require fast maneuverability and immediate responsiveness, both of which are made better with lightweight, heat resistant motorcycle brake discs from Matrix Brakes.

Take your ride to the next level with improved handling, reliability, and comfort using Matrix Brakes' high performance motorcycle disc brakes. Tested in accordance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Test FMVSS122 (Oct.2, 2007), Matrix motorcycle brakes meet or exceed all federal stopping distance requirements.

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