About Matrix Brakes
Your leader in the latest braking technology for motorcycles. Manufactured in the United States!

Matrix Brakes has been on the market since 2007. We have our sold our products through dealers and branched out to sell directly to our customers. We give you the option to order our stock or custom designed to match your bike. Matrix Brakes is a subsidiary of REL, Inc.

REL Inc. has been developing and manufacturing high quality components for the last 25 years. Our customers range from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We include both NASA and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory as our two performance partners. REL Inc. is an innovator of the manufacturing process and technology of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) Brake Rotors with a patent pending. As a worldwide leader in the deployment of MMC components we have positioned our technology to focus on the delivery of Motorcycle Rotors built for Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles. These unique rotors offer Superior Performance & Customization and are available now factory direct to bike owners! If you're looking for Harley Davidson brake rotors & pads or Indian Motorcycle brakes & rotors, we have what you need.

Composite brakes are REL, Inc’s. latest innovation in braking technology: REL is proud to introduce the innovative Matrix Brakes. These lightweight brake rotors are made with an advanced aluminum metal matrix composite (MMC) that offer a lifetime warranty and unbeatable durability when used exclusively with Matrix Brakes Pads. Suitable for a wide range of automotive, motorcycle and truck applications, composite Matrix Brakes offer high performance and unparalleled stopping power.

REL Inc. Mission:

- Delivery of Metal Matrix Composites to consumers worldwide.
- Delivery of the highest quality and most reliable structural components in the market.

In order to achieve this mission, REL Inc. employs statistical process control, vertical integration, and nondestructive testing techniques to each structural part.

The result is lightweight brake rotors offering performance and customization characteristics that represent the Future of Braking Technology. Matrix Brakes proudly stands behind every brake rotor blade with a lifetime warranty.