Brake Technology
Rotors developed with the latest technology, making them 60% lighter than a stock motorcycle rotor!

Future of Motorcycle Braking

Matrix Brakes has set a new industry standard in the development of its three piece fully floating metal matrix composite motorcycle brake rotors.

These rotors cater specifically to performance and customization features bike owners’ demand. Performing with incredible stopping power, they also overcome the many shortcomings of today’s traditional motorcycle rotors and discs. These are warpage, noise, squeaks, squeals, rust, excessive heat retention which cause brake fade and extreme heaviness. These problems have continued to plague motorcycle manufactures and bike owners.

Compared to traditional brake rotors a Matrix Brakes rotor is 60% lighter than stock 11.5” rotor, they are only 1.9 lbs versus 4.9lbs., and are the world’s lightest brake rotors.

The results are clear:

1. Reduces unsprung weight providing a smoother ride and handling.
2. Reduces rotating mass for quicker acceleration and deceleration.
3. Reduces the gyroscopic effect for improved high speed steering.

Matrix Brakes also deliver the following benefits:

- Won’t Warp for Long-Lasting Performance (Guaranteed for Life!)
- Quieter Stops – 10 Times the Noise Dampening of Steel or Cast Iron Rotors (Will Not Squeak or Squeal)
- Cools 5 Times Faster than Steel Rotors at 750 Degrees F.
- Rotors Will Not Rust and Produce less Brake Dust
- They are True Full-Floating Brake Rotors, ensuring Better Rotor to Caliper Alignment
- Exceeds D.O.T. Stopping Distance Requirements
- Passed Internal OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Testing

Design your rotor to fit your style

With different finishes, styles, and colors available you can custom design your rotor to accent your personal style.

- 2 friction rings choices: Ground Finish or Black Anodized
- 3 carrier styles: Spoke, Legged, One-Piece (Harley V-Rod Series Only)
- 6 carrier colors: Clear, Red, Blue, Gold, Chrome, and Black
- 6 button colors: Clear, Red, Blue, Gold, Chrome, and Black

Trust Matrix Brakes technology to stop you fast

Each motorcycle disc has a friction ring machined to fit flush with a carrier crafted from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, locked together with a spiral retaining clip, giving you the clean uninterrupted look of a solid rotor with the ultimate braking experience you can expect from a high performance fully-floating rotor.

The Future of Motorcycle Brakes

All of our rotors are money back guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate motorcycle braking experience when used exclusively with our High Performance Motorcycle Brake Pads: Matrix Brakes is a safe investment. Years of experience in research and development in collaboration with some of the world's fastest motorcycle riders, have allowed us to design a lightweight rotor, holding tolerances that rival the aerospace industry.

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